We want to make high-quality

healthcareaccessible and 

affordable for everyone on earth.

HitchMED aims to address various challenges 

arising from communication difficulties in the healthcare field.

We want to make
high-quality healthcare accessible and affordable for everyone on earth.

히치메드는 헬스케어분야에서 소통의 어려움으로 
발생하는 다양한 문제를 해결하고자 합니다.

Our Mission

언제 어디서든 나의 건강상태를 
어떤 언어로든 설명이 가능한 일상을 만듭니다.


의사, 약사, 간호사로 이뤄진 구성원의 

의료 전문성을 기반한 글로벌 의료 서비스 개발


체계적인 AI 문진 알고리즘 및 

개인 맞춤 의료 데이터 연구


문진 번역 서비스를 기반으로 해외 병원 예약까지 

가능한 의료 서비스 플랫폼 구축

Our Service

언제 어디서든 나의 건강상태를 
어떤 언어로든 설명이 가능한 일상을 만듭니다. 

해외를 여행하는 한국인을 위한
스마트 문진&병원예약 서비스


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Our Partners

파트너와 함께 글로벌 헬스케어 분야에서

 소통의 문제를 기술로 해결하는 기업으로 

빠르게 성장하고 있습니다.


We create a daily life where one can describe their 

health condition in any language, anytime, and anywhere.


Development of COVID-19 

health screening questionnaire.


Development of symptom questionnaire capable of analyzing 21 different symptoms.


Smart questionnaire with translation support for English, Japanese, and Chinese.


EASYDOC international hospital appointment service launch. 

(available in Japan and Vietnam)


We are a team with diverse expertise, including healthcare professionals

 such as doctors, nurses, pharmacists, developers, 

and native speakers of foreign languages. 


We strive to create a global healthcare platform for accurate 

communication between foreign patients and medical professionals.

Smart health questionnaire & hospital appointment booking services for Koreans traveling abroad


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To facilitate rapid growth in the global healthcare sector, we actively collaborate with digital healthcare company, travel agency, and domestic as well as international medical institutions through partnerships.

Partnership Inquiry

If you need detailed information about HitchMED and EASYDOC's services or have inquiries regarding partnerships and hospital collaborations, please contact us, and we will get back to you promptly.


19 Oct 2023

Digital healthcare company HitchMed announced on the 18th that it has completely revamped and launched its overseas travel medical care service ‘Easydoc’.

EasyDoc is a service that helps Koreans search for and make reservations for nearby hospitals when they are sick abroad. Through the app and the web, you can safely and easily apply for everything from health consultation, translation of symptoms, finding a hospital to making a reservation. It can be completed. In addition, in order to provide stable services, a business partnership agreement was signed with five branches of Cleannovation Tokyo Business Clinic, a Japanese medical corporation, and Minowa Ekimae Clinic last June.

Through this EasyDoc reorganization, HitchMed has intuitively organized its services and strengthened various new services such as △health consultations △emergency medical cards that can translate your health information into multiple languages in case of an emergency △hospital reservations in Japan/Vietnam.

In particular, the hospital reservation service country was expanded from Japan to Vietnam, and hospital information and reservation functions that Koreans can visit when traveling to Vietnam were strengthened.

In addition, through the newly added 'Health Consultation' by professional medical staff, users can receive health consultations before and after traveling abroad, and through the emergency medical card that translates their health information into multiple languages, users can receive treatment at overseas hospitals without language difficulties. You can receive

“Easydoc, an overseas travel medical care service, aims to provide safe and prompt medical services to Korean travelers going abroad,” said Park So-hyun and Yoo Ji-sang, CEOs of Hitchmed. “We will continue to cooperate with more countries and hospitals and travelers.” “We will continue to develop the Easydoc service through insurance,” he said.

Source: StartupN (https://www.startupn.kr)

Original article: https://www.startupn.kr/news/articleView.html?idxno=41941

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